about bzk

Bazuka Empire (BZK) is more than just a lifestyle brand. Its bringing you a unique style to add to this modern fashion with urban looks. This is a whole new level of fashion, a new art of fashion, our fashion. The first of its kind brand for everything from the everyday street fashion to the modern style. We want to fit your style cuz we want to give everyone this fashionable vibe of BZK.

With the progression of living in this modern life, BZK want to make a name in this retail/apparel industry and become more than just a fashion brand, we want to touch each generation, different styles and bring everything under one roof. We want to evolve our mentality into something so much bigger that’s it’s crazy to talk about it.
We want that Bazuka Empire become his own Lifestyle and create a world for everyone with heavy influences from everybody and everything. We work with atlethes from different sport activities, with people from the music industry, with people from fashion world, with bloggers and influencers on social networks, etc. You can consider Bazuka Empire first as a fashionable street wear brand but we have so much more value to bring to this world

At BZK we are on fire and we are passionate about the ‘cause’ because BZK have a small team that are inspired individuals bonded by a common ‘cause’, maybe you know this quote that says ‘’if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything’’ We at BZK believe in an idea or vision that is bigger than the person, we seek out on a quest to make that dream a reality and leave our mark on the world

Jay ‘The Don’ Bazuka

The founder and owner of the brand that’s puts his mind, heart and soul into the business and sets himself apart from the others. He has no history in fashion or in clothing designing but when he was 13 years old he had a dream to bring something different into this world and create businesses. He grow up with the hiphop culture and had always an inspiration in the way the rappers were dressed and that’s why he wanna go into fashion, having a brand in modern fashion with that urban look. Fashion never dies and in this modern time fashion is everything and is forever.
Jay Bazuka want to be a top entrepreneur, he was a street kid from Frunze and grow up on the streets of Brussel and Torhout/Bruges. His personally mentality came from the streets, his timing is bad but he putting that work to bring everything on time! He love the hustle and want to create an own world and make his name ‘big’ in the entrepreneurship.


” The ones who are successful have this gutter, dirt work ethic about them as you really almost lonely, it’s like you have the demeanour of a king and queen and you have king and queen values but you have to work like a fucking peasant. 

I’m gonna always capitalise on that and I believe that it’s time, All these great are dying now, we need new greats, we need new people that we can look up to. And I don’t have a problem being one of those people.”